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“Upcycled Greens" project

It started similarly to the “Upcycled Blues” project - I found myself with too many greens. I want to keep these boxes of second-hand fabrics to no more than 2 boxes of each color! However, they seem to grow and grow!

Some of these pieces were given to me by friends, some I purchased locally here in Poland or while in the states and some were acquired when my sis and I bought a lady’s stash from her daughter back in 2015. That lady (who had the stash) had developed Alzheimer’s and her daughter had to get rid of all her fabric since she didn’t sew.

We bought it in various allotments.

That dear lady, when she took apart things, actually used her seam ripper and took them apart at the seams. I don’t do it that carefully - I just cut beside the seams or “rip” the pieces apart if I get the sense that all will be okay if I do that. Anyway, most of the florals that will be in this series are from her wonderful collection. I can’t wait to use them!

So, here goes! I will be putting them here, first as a top, and then when I finish the quilt, I will replace the top photo with the finished quilt photo.

1. Show Off Green Plaids

2. Broken Chevrons

3. Wait and see
And now you know! Here’s the “Upcycled Greens” project page. Feel free to browse here and on any page on the website you wish!