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"Upcycled Blues" project

It all started when…

I found myself with more than 6 plastic boxes of blue clothing items that I had purchased with the plan of making them into quilts. I had too many! So I decided to start an "Upcycled blues" project. I thought I'd make about 7 or 8 or maybe 10 quilt tops max out of them.

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And maybe I would have. But I kept finding more upcycled blues that I hadn't had room for.

I thought it would be most convenient to make this page a summary of the whole project "at a glance" so you have access to all the quilts at once and the blog posts that I wrote about them.

I tried to keep an eye to using up the scraps created by making these "as I went along" - thus my three crumb type quilts here - number 12 - All Crumbled Up, number 16 - Crumby Stars and number 20 Shadowed Crumbs

I also tried to use harder than ever to use pieces like labels and pockets.  Number 3 -  Premium Labels, uses primarily labels cut out of the back yokes from men's shirt and other places on ladies' shirts/blouses.

I also made one called The Kitchen Sink which embodied all of these leftover type pieces, from half stitch triangles (HST) to pockets, and embroidered pieces cut from the shirts.

Note: You may click on a picture of a finished quilt and a PDF will pop up with the pattern - if I have one written -

and they are pretty much all written except for the ones that are made with crumbs and The Kitchen Sink and number 42 Checkered! and the ones with pockets (34, 46). If you find one missing and you think it should be here, please write us an email at Thanks.


You have finally come to the end of this project!

Have a great day!