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Local Hosting

Have A Quilting Retreat!!

Stay at Sarah and Michael’s spacious AirBnB house for a sewing retreat, and take your time looking through Quilted Twins’ huge selection of fabrics when you’re “sewed out.”

If you are looking for a quiet place to go to sew, do we have the place for you! If you book this place, you’ll be quite near to us here at Quilted Twins (and only 4 minutes from a Walmart). Get together with some friends, because this is the perfect place for you to come!!

You’re only 2 minutes from Burger King and Publix, so you won’t even have to cook. Stitch away and send one of you to go to the Publix Deli or run through the Burger King to grab a couple of family meal deals. When you’re tired of stitching and eating, hop in the pool for a delightful swim.

If you book through Airbnb here at Sarah and Michael’s house (as shown), then Quilted Twins will be happy to open special for you in the evening hours so that you can sew during the day!

This house easily sleeps 7 (up to 11, if some don’t mind sleeping on top bunks). If you come for a sewing retreat, we’ll be sure that you have ironing boards and plenty of extension cords and power strips!