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Wood Planks

Colors may vary slightly from what is shown. However, every attempt is made to accurately represent the colors on the fabrics.

Price is by the Yard.

  • 100% cotton

  • 44/45" wide

  • Super nice fabric. Perfect for quilting. Who doesn't need wood planking? This was the very first Quilted Twins inspired fabric! We went to a manufacturer and asked if they could make this up. We were sent pictures and were able to choose the size of the planks themselves.

  • This is a part of Rachael's Picks. You can find more of these fabrics on the Rachael's Picks Fabric Families page under Wood Planks. All of the fabrics in this family feature a series of wooden planks that could be used in as a blender, or perfect as a floor or the sides of a bookcase quilt.