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Well Owl Be - Panel || Well Owl Be Quilt Panel by Cori Dantini for FreeSpirit Fabrics ...with distressed lettering.. not a misprint...

Colors may vary slightly Though we attempt to represent our fabrics accurately, sometimes screens show things differently, as well as eyes see things differently.

Quilt panels are perfect as a base for a quilt, or if you want to cut it up for a themed quilt. If you want to make a small quilt, you could simply add borders on the sides and top and bottom out of coordinating fabrics. Becky has done that for her charity quilts many times.

  • 100% cotton

  • Price is for one panel

  • Panel is 24" x 42"

  • Design includes a series of owls with sayings on it. Some of the lettering is distressed.

  • Designed by Cori Dantini for FreeSpirit Fabrics

  • The design is called Well Owl Be

  • Colors include tan, pink, green and orange