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Grunge Paint #2 - Rachael's Picks - 17 Piece Half Yard Bundle Pack

These 17 half yard pieces are perfect if you don't want a whole yard, but you want a set of half yard pieces that look remarkably like tonal grunge pieces

Discover the artistry of textiles with our extraordinary "Paint #2" fabric pack – a masterpiece of color and creativity that's ready to ignite your imagination. Unveil a world of expressive possibilities as you delve into the mesmerizing realm of paintbrush strokes, captured in 17 exquisite half-yard pieces.

Each fabric in this collection showcases the graceful dance of paintbrush strokes, evoking the essence of a painter's canvas brought to life. From the serene blues that conjure tranquil waters to the rich browns reminiscent of earth's warmth, the spectrum of colors spans a visual journey from sky to land. The inclusion of neutrals, white, and black offers a perfect balance, allowing you to create a harmonious blend of hues in your projects.

  • 100% Cotton

  • Half Yard (approx. 18" x 42")

  • This line is called Paint. It's a beautiful, practical blender.

  • 17 Individual Pieces totaling 8.5 yards of fabric

  • Beautiful new line that works wonderfully as a blender

  • We will simply be folding these up and leaving them all together in one fabric roll.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the "Paint #2" fabric pack is a testament to quality and versatility. The half-yard size provides ample material for diverse creations – whether you're envisioning stunning quilts that weave together strokes of color or striking home decor items that infuse your space with artistic energy.

With this collection, you're not just working with fabric; you're curating your own artistic masterpiece. Seamlessly blend shades, experiment with textures, and let your inner artist shine as you transform these fabric pieces into your unique vision. Whether you're an experienced quilter seeking fresh inspiration or a beginner eager to explore the world of fabric art, the "Paint #2" fabric pack promises an unparalleled journey of creativity.

Embrace the strokes of inspiration and breathe life into your projects with the evocative "Paint #2" collection. Elevate your artistry, one brushstroke-inspired piece at a time. Order now and immerse yourself in the beauty of color and expression like never before.