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Catitude 2: Purrfect Together - Panel of 6 cats on white for Fussy Cutting by Ann Lauer for Benartex

Colors may vary slightly Though we attempt to represent our fabrics accurately, sometimes screens show things differently, as well as eyes see things differently.

Quilt panels are perfect as a base for a quilt, or if you want to cut it up for a themed quilt. If you want to make a small quilt, you could simply add borders on the sides and top and bottom out of coordinating fabrics. Becky has done that for her charity quilts many times.

  • 100% cotton

  • Price is for one panel

  • Panel is 23" x 42"

  • Design includes a series of brightly colored cats in 2 rows of 3 each made for fussy cutting

  • Designed by Ann Lauer for Benartex

  • The design is called Catitude2 Purrfect Together: Fussy Cutting cats

  • Colors include Bright colors of cats in two rows on white