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Basic Blended


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Sku:HS2.2--02Charcoal, HS2.3--03 Steel Gray, HS2.4--04 Light Gray, HS2.5--05 Chocolate, HS2.6--06 Brown, HS2.7--07 Khaki, HS2.8--Gold, HS2.9--09 Tan, HS2.10--10 Burgundy, HS2.11--11 Ruby, HS2.12--12 Red, HS2.13--13 Flamingo, HS2.14--14 Pink, HS2.15--15 Light Pink, HS2.16--16 Purple, HS2.17--17 Lilac, HS2.18--18 Lavender, WHAT SHOULD WE CALL IT?, HS2.19--19 Navy, HS2.20--20 Wedgewood, HS2.21, HS2.22, HS2.23--23 Light Blue, HS2.24--24 Turquoise, HS2.25--Forest, HS2.26--26 Hunter, HS2.27--Kelly, HS2.28--28 Olive, HS2.29--29 Lime, HS2.30--30 Burnt Orange, HS2.31--31 Orange, HS2.32--32 Peach, HS2.33--33 Dandelion, HS2.34--34 Yellow, HS2.1--43681-805

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This is a basic blender fabric. It looks like Moda Marbles or one of several other other blending fabric.