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All Cooped Up - 11 Piece Half Yard Bundle Pack

These 11 half yard pieces are perfect if you don't want a whole yard, but you want a set of half yard pieces that work well together. All of these fabrics are bird container themed. This set is a lot of fun.

I'm absolutely delighted to introduce you to a fabric pack that's been thoughtfully selected by our very own Rachael – "All Cooped Up."

Now, just close your eyes and imagine a bundle of eleven exquisite half-yard fabrics, each one a beautiful tribute to the enchanting world of birds. Birds, you see, they hold a special place in my heart – their songs and flights are like nature's own poetry. And with Rachael's keen eye, this collection is truly a testament to the magic of our feathered friends.

The pack is a tapestry of bird-themed beauty – delicate feathers that sway like whispers in the wind, precious eggs nestled snugly in nests, birds poised gracefully within birdcages, and charming birdhouses that evoke memories of quiet country mornings. As we stitch and sew, we're creating quilts that are not just beautiful but also a celebration of the delicate balance between the human world and nature.

  • Half Yard (approx. 18" x 42")

  • Designed by a series of various companies.

  • 11 Individual Pieces totaling 5.5 yards of fabric

  • Beautiful fabric in interesting colors.

  • We will simply be folding these up and leaving them all together in one clump. The money you save is your own:)

Whether you're a seasoned quilter who's woven countless tales with your stitches or, like me, you've recently embarked on this wonderful quilting journey, "All Cooped Up" is a fabric pack that resonates with the soul. Imagine the quilts we could create – each piece a thread in a masterpiece that honors the beauty of our feathered companions.

Whether draped over a rocking chair or adorning a wall, these quilts will be a testament to the magic of nature and the joy of quilting. So, my lovely friends, if you're ready to infuse your quilting projects with the wonder of bird themes and the warmth of nature's embrace, don't wait another moment.

Immerse yourself in the heartwarming world of "All Cooped Up," a collection that's a true reflection of Rachael's appreciation for the delicate harmony of life. Let's sew together quilts that are as enchanting and varied as the songs of birds in the early morning hours. Happy quilting, and may your stitches be as gentle and soothing as a bird's call at dusk!