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Lips Tossed on Blue: All Dolled Up by Dan Morris for Quilting Treasures

Colors may vary slightly from what is portrayed. Screens vary as well as our eyes sometimes see things differently, but we've made every attempt to have the color be accurately portrayed.

Price is by the Yard.

  • 100% cotton

  • 41/43" wide

  • Local quilt shop quality fabric

  • Lips Tossed on Blue:

  • All Dolled Up

  • by Dan Morris

  • for Quilting Treasures

  • Career--118

"All Dolled Up" is a specialty fabric that celebrates the world of lipstick with various lip prints scattered on a cool blue background. This fabric is like stepping into a chic makeup store and is here to add a dash of sass and style to your quilting and crafting projects. The fabric showcases an array of lipstick imprints, each with its unique color and style. It's like having a makeup collection at your fingertips, and these lips are ready to pucker up for your creative endeavors. The cool blue background sets the perfect stage for the vibrant lipstick prints to stand out. It's like a fresh canvas for your artistic expression, allowing these lips to take center stage. Craft gifts for friends who adore makeup, like stylish tote bags, makeup brush holders, or even framed fabric art to adorn their vanity. "All Dolled Up" is a fabric that allows you to capture the fun and flair of lipstick and bring it into your quilting and crafting projects. Whether you're a beauty enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates a pop of color and style, this fabric is here to help you create pieces that celebrate the world of makeup and fashion. So, embrace the sass and style, and order your "All Dolled Up" fabric today to embark on creative journeys that add a touch of glamour to your world. Happy quilting and crafting, darlings!