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Adventures in the Sky - Gray, Teal and Blue Baby Pack - 15 Piece Half Yards plus 2 panels - Complete Baby Package

These 15 half yard pieces are perfect if you don't want a whole yard, but you want to make something out of fabrics that you know will work well together. These are from the same line or they coordinate with the featured line of fabrics. We've taken Adventures in the Sky from 3 Wishes and turned this into the perfect grandmother pack.

  • 100% Cotton

  • Half Yard (approx. 18" x 42")

  • 15 Individual Pieces totaling 7.5 yards of fabric plus Two FULL yard panels.

  • Local quilt shop quality fabrics with the theme fabric by 3 Wishes Fabrics

  • We carry lots of other fabrics that would work well as backings and sashings for this adorable fabric pack!

  • We will simply be folding these up and leaving them all together in one clump. The money we save in labor cost is passed on to you, so the money you're saving is your own!