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Pastel Dream Big Quilt Panel by Jeanie Sumerall-Ajero

Colors may vary slightly Though we attempt to represent our fabrics accurately, sometimes screens show things differently, as well as eyes see things differently.

This Hoffman panel has become a big hit this season as people are quilting them beautifully.

They are 43" square and are simply stunning.

  • Panel that measures 43" square

  • Features a single flower with beautiful petals just ready to be quilted

  • Dream Big

  • Designed by Jeanie Sumerall-Ajero.

  • Local Quilt Shop Quality

  • These were ordered in by special request and have cost us two arms and two legs here at Quilted Twins. We’re sorry that we had to price them substantially higher than our regular panels, but these were right there near having to sell our first born children to get these up on the site.

  • #P4389

  • Pastel