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Fabric Panels for Quilting

Need to make a quilt quickly? We have you covered! These panels will help you with your quilting project, and they pair very well with our free patterns! Block and book panels, wide panels, and colorful panels are here for you! These panels are perfect for beginners with their easy to use designs and beautiful colors! Look through our various categories to find the one the peaks your interest!

block quilt panel fabric which is a children's panel depicting a campsite

Animal Panels

Apron Panels

Beach and Water Activities Panels

Birds Panels

Butterflies and Dragonflies Panels

Call of the Wild (COTW)

Career Panels

Character Panels

Children's Panels

Cloth Books Panels

Dream Big Leaf Quilt Panels (DBLqp)

Dream Big Quilt Panels (DBqp)

Farm Panels

Floral Panels


Hobbies Panels

Inspirational Panels

International Panels

Map Panels

Nature Panels

Patriotic Panels

Pet Panels

Pillow Panels

Placemat Panels

Professions Panels

Scenery Panels

Seasonal Panels (SSqp)

Sports Panels

Supernova Quilt Panels (SNqp)

Trucks, Cars, Trailers, Mobile Homes Panels


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