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Quarter Yards: 9" x 43" - Mixed Reds - 7 Pieces - Rachael's Picks

Every attempt is made to show colors accurately. Please remember that often times monitors portray differently from each other and from what the camera depicted. This pack is pre-cut before being put on the website. This is most likely a one of a kind pack.

These quarter yard pieces are 9" x width of fabric, which is most likely 42 to 43". They are perfect for small projects that don't need a piece larger than 9" in width..

  • 100% cotton

  • Quarter Yards (approx. 9" x 42")

  • Rachael's Picks

  • 7 quarter yards all different.

  • Rachael's Picks

  • We carry lots of other fabrics that would work well as backings and sashings for this adorable fabric pack!