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FULL YARD: Mixture of BLUES - 10 Piece FULL Yard Bundle Pack - all LQS Fabrics

These 10 FULL yard pieces are perfect if you want the ease of buying a whole yard at once in many shades of blue.

Dive into a Sea of Blue with "Mixture of Blues" Fabric Pack! Hey there, fabric enthusiasts and creatives! Get ready to immerse yourself in the soothing beauty of our "Mixture of Blues" fabric pack! This captivating collection features 10 pieces of full-yard fabrics, each showcasing a delightful shade of blue. Let your creativity flow as you sew stunning quilts, charming garments, and breathtaking accessories with this versatile pack that celebrates the timeless allure of blue. It's high-quality fabric that ensures a smooth and enjoyable sewing experience. Embrace endless creative possibilities with the vast spectrum of blue tones. Dive into your projects and create a sea of blue magic! Ready to let the waves of inspiration guide your creations? "Mixture of Blues" fabric pack is available now!

  • 100% Cotton

  • Full Yard (36" x 42")

  • Beautiful collection of name brand, high quality, local quilt shop quality yards of blue fabric.

  • Mixture of Blues

  • 10 Individual Pieces totaling 10 yards of fabric.

  • We will simply be folding these up and leaving them all together in one clump.