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Indigo Way - Fabric Kit - Mystery Quilt Fabric Package for the Bonnie Hunter Winter 2023-24 Mystery Quilt - Please mention in the comments if you'd rather have ONE 3 yard cut of solid red

Colors may vary slightly from what is shown. However, every attempt is made to accurately represent the colors on the fabrics. We have no idea of anything other than what we're told is needed for this fabric package. These pictures are merely representatives of what you'll get. We're doing our best to include the fabric color choices that she indicates on her blog.

Price is per fabric package with the contents and qualities listed below.

  • 100% cotton

  • 44/45" wide

  • Kit includes a total of 12 1/2 yards of fabric.

  • NO PATTERN. You MUST get this off Quiltville's website each week. It is YOUR responsibility to go to her site each week and print out your pattern.


    In this Fabric package, you'll get

  • 2 yards light blue in 4 half yard pieces

  • 3 yards navy (indigo) blue in 6 half yard pieces

  • 3 yards reds in 6 half yard pieces - If you would rather have ONE 3 yard cut of SOLID RED, please let me know. Otherwise, I'm including 6 different half yard pieces of tonal reds.)

  • 4.5 yards neutrals in 9 half yard pieces

  • NOTE: This does NOT INCLUDE any backing.