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Always Give Thanks by Quilting Treasures - 4 Piece Half Yards Plus Panel Bundle Pack

Every attempt is made to show colors accurately. Please remember that often times monitors portray differently from each other and from what the camera depicted. This pack is pre-cut before being put on the website. Ordering 2 means you'll get two half yard bundles.

These 4 half yard pieces are perfect if you don't want a whole yard, but you want to add enough half yards to coordinate with the panel.

As we gather 'round our quilting frames, needles in hand, let me paint a picture of this delightful 4-piece half-yard pack that's just waiting to grace our creative endeavors. Picture it: a rich tapestry of autumn hues – oranges that mirror the glow of a setting sun, yellows reminiscent of the golden harvest, and touches of deep blacks that add a touch of drama and contrast.

But what truly makes this fabric pack a treasure trove of Thanksgiving magic is the fabric panel it includes. Oh, yes! A fabric panel that unfolds a scene of abundance and gratitude. Picture a cheerful pumpkin that embodies the spirit of the season, nestled alongside a cornucopia overflowing with a bountiful harvest of vegetables, a true emblem of plenty.

  • 100% Cotton

  • Half Yard (approx. 18" x 42")

  • Quilting Treasures

  • Perfect for quilting.

  • 4 Individual Pieces totaling 2 yards of fabric plus a 24" panel

  • This fall bundle will delight your very being. It's beautiful!

And as we sew, stitch by stitch, we'll find ourselves weaving a tale of thanksgiving with each piece of fabric. Leaves and flowers that dance in the crisp autumn breeze, whispering tales of gratitude and moments cherished. It's as if we're stitching together the very essence of a Thanksgiving feast, right into our quilting projects.

Now, whether you're a seasoned quilter who has woven many a masterpiece or, like me, you've recently embarked on this heartwarming quilting journey, "always give thanks" is a fabric pack that beckons us to celebrate the beauty of the season and the joy of creating.

So, my dear friends, if you're ready to infuse your quilting projects with the spirit of gratitude and the warmth of Thanksgiving, don't wait another moment. Explore the enchanting world of "Always Give Thanks" by Quilting Treasures. Let's stitch together moments of appreciation and weave a quilted tapestry that's a true testament to the heart's abundance. Happy quilting, and may your stitches be as full of love as a Thanksgiving feast!