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Kaffe Mystery Quilt Program - July through October 2024 - Multi-Color

Price is per quilt kit, containing all Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Actually, I don't know what's in them, but I'm told that this is what's in them. I think they're all Kaffe Collective fabrics.

  • This mystery quilt runs from June to October of 2024

  • The mystery quilt kit will come in two colorways. This one is called: Multi-Color

  • Should be lots of fun with Kaffe and Brandon and Phillip's beautiful fabrics leading the way.
  • The kit contains all the needed fabrics.
  • We will be offering two different backing packages.

  • I sat through a seminar about it at the Houston Quilt Market, but am still as confused as a fly on a yo-yo, but we'll figure it out together, and it'll be beautiful!


They would NOT tell us ANYTHING else, nor even show us one block. They know how smart we all are, and we'd have it figured out. The whole point is that it's a beautiful mystery!