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The Cross Panel by Quilted Twins

Colors may vary slightly Though we attempt to represent our fabrics accurately, sometimes screens show things differently, as well as eyes see things differently.

Quilt panels are perfect as a base for a quilt, or if you want to cut it up for a themed quilt. If you want to make a small quilt, you could simply add borders on the sides and top and bottom out of coordinating fabrics. Becky has done that for her charity quilts many times.

  • Price is for one quilt panel
  • Design area is 36" x 44"
  • Design includes a single cross with the drape hanging over it.
  • Photographed by Rachael Woodard and enhanced by Daniel Petersen.
  • The design is digitally printed for Quilted Twins exclusively.
  • Colors include browns, reds and greens.
  • Crucifixion
  • Jesus