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Quilts for All Seasons edited by Patricia Wilens

Quiltmakers have long been inspired by the wondrous variety of nature striving to capture the essence of a beloved flower or tree with the color, pattern, and texture of fabric. The palette of changing seasons is reflected in this collection of delightful quilts for you to make. Create spring rainbows, summer fireworks, autumn leaves, and winter snows--using fabric and stitches to hold fond memories of favorite seasons in your heart and mind throughout the year. A quiltmaker's purpose in any season is to produce something of warmth and beauty, You can extend a quilt's purpose to encompass a heritage of pride and continuity by signing and dating it. Instead of the mysteries left in our forebears' anonymous quilts, make yours a quilt for all times, for all times are the seasons of heaven.

  • ISBN:9780848711092
  • USED: Good Condition
  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages