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Favorite Techniques from the Experts (Rodale's Successful Quilting Library)

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Favorite Techniques from the Experts Team up with the quilting all-stars! Twenty quilting experts share the quiltmaking technique they love best. These master quilters are well-known teachers, authors, and designers. Each chapter is like taking a wonderful workshop with one of these pros at your side! Learn some new techniques and choose your own favorites. Discover the fun of:* Free-wheeling Log Cabin blocks and free-motion stitchery* Creating dimension with ruched flowers and patchwork illusions* Printing your own fabric, using family photos or leaves off a tree* Nostalgia redwork, romantic cutwork applique?, and amazing corner-cutters* Crazy piecing, raw edge piecing, and hand piecing with precision* Rescuing and repairing a family heirloom, Something for everyone! Enjoy making quilts that make you shine!

Hardcover.  128 pages.