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Contemporary Quilting: Exciting Techniques and Quilts from Award-Winning Quilters by Cindy Walters and Stevii Graves

Unleash your creative spirit! Quilting has come a long way from its utilitarian roots in scarp-bag fabrics and bed quilts. From embellishments and painted fabrics to the newest techniques and tools, today's quilters eagerly embrace new ways to express their artistry.  Contemporary Quilting is a must-have source for information, instruction and inspiration. You will: Learn new techniques through photo-filled step-by-step instructions for 12 projects.  Get your creative juices flowing with a colorful gallery of 80 quilts from award-winning quilters.  Explore the history of contemporary quilting from the perspective of the artists and manufacturers who have shaped its evolution

144 pages.  Paperback.

This book is pre-owned.