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An Amish Quilt in a Day - Variations of Roman Stripe by Eleanor Burns


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The Amish people are noted for maintaining a simple lifestyle in today's high-tech world. However, the instructions for making an Amish Quilt in a Day by Eleanor Burns are as high-tech as they come! Cutting is done with a rotary ctter and ruler with a bias line. Strip sewing instructions are written for the fast over lock as well as the conventional sewing machine. The Roman Stripe pattern in 10 different layouts is easy to follow! Described is a unique method of mitering the corners. Eleanor Burns has perfected a style of sewing that enables one to make a quilt in a day. The quilt is all straight lines and all that is needed is fabric, scissors, a rotary cutter and mat, a 6" x 24" ruler with 45 degree line and sewing machine with thread. The cutting is done all at once and then the next step is assembling and sewing the fabric strips together. She often ties the quilt to finish it rather than quilt it traditionally and than the entire quilt can be done in a day. The chapters take you through color selection, yardage charts, cutting charts, sewing the blocks (with shortcuts to make it faster), cutting the blocks, sewing the blocks together, sewing the borders and backing and finishing the quilt. This is an innovative way to make a quilt and for people with little time it is the perfect way to make a quilt that takes hours and not months!

  • ISBN: 9780922705054
  • USED: Good Condition
  • Softcover
  • 46 pages