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Quilting Memes, Funnies and Quotes

Fun Photos Found Online!

quilting thumbnail that says 'and when I went back... it was gone! I suffer from fabric regret!'

Fabric Regret

Quilting meme with the words 'You dont stop sewing when you get old, you get old when you stop sewing'

Sewing Keeps You Young!

Quilting meme that says 'in a quilting household it is not uncommon to have a 1 to 6, mug to rug ratio

Just keep the mug full!

Quilting meme that says 'Standing behind a projector for photos works better than any workout program


Quilting meme that says 'it says it right here! cutting paper with fabric scissors is grounds for divorce'

How to Keep Him From Using Your Fabric Scissors

Quilting meme that says 'are you buying all of that fabric? Yes, but look at what Im leaving behind'

Our customers all the time!

Quilting meme that says 'A new study finds that buying fabric prolongs life. It looks like Ill live forever'

Perfect reason to buy our fabric!

Need all that space on the kitchen table for the QUILT!