"Simply Double Nines" - Upcycled Blues #50 finished

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I really debated with myself on the quilting of this one. I wanted something more complicated - maybe something different.

I decided to try the wavy lines on my Janome 8900 - it’s actually design number 99. I made it as wide as it would go and set the stitch length on 3.

Then I began to sew. It took a long, long time because each of those lines took about 2.5 minutes. Yes, you read that right.

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And this is a big beast! Really big!

Did you know that some people hate stippling because they say it looks like a mattress pad cover?

They haven’t seen ANYTHING yet.

This amazing bumpy design looks like one to me!

It really is kind of cool - esp. up close. I eyeballed going down the center of each of those 1” squares.

It really is kind of cool - esp. up close. I eyeballed going down the center of each of those 1” squares.

I’ve definitely Got TEXTURE!

I’ve definitely Got TEXTURE!

Will I do it again? Nah. I will probably use the wavy line going one way - but not both ways - or at least not this close together again. Ever. I am not very taken by it, but like most things like this, once I put it away and look at it again, I may decide it’s not too bad.

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Starring Monkey Wrenches  - #1 in this Upcycled Blues series.

Starring Monkey Wrenches - #1 in this Upcycled Blues series.

This time as I look at my quilt and see the variations in “white”, I am not nearly as startled at it as I was when I made the first one in the series - Starring Monkey Wrenches (shown below). With that one I was shocked as I took it out into the sunshine and all of a sudden the whites were a variety of whites/off whites. This time I was prepared for those variations. I knew I had used a variety of shades as the background/alternating blocks.

Now I’m okay with all the variety. Once I got over the differences in the background shades, I got used to it! I guess two years does make a difference!

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I do have a variety of shades and colors and I have texture galore.

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I did not write up the pattern because it is a simple double 9 patch. The 9 patch finished at 3” in the quilt (3.5” as a single block unit) and when I put them together it made a 9” finished block. The little white squares are cut 3.5”. The big plain squares were cut 9.5” - and finish at 9” in the quilt.

With a 9 patch like this, I like to make them with odd numbers so that they start and stop with a chain block - finishing out the look. This one ix a 9x9 layout. While it is big, I preferred big over a 7x7 layout, which I thought would be too small. Or even a 7x9 layout would be more narrow than I wanted.

Here is the layout if it helps you!

IMG_7698 sm name web layout of plan.jpg
IMG_6279 sm name web.jpg

What more is there to say? I’m not particularly taken by it (the quilting - I always love a 9 patch!) - but I wanted different, and “different” is what I got.

The quilt roll! I couldn’t forget that!

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Sp what made me even want to make this one? Well, it was when I was watching a MSQC tutorial about the blue houses BOM that they were having - designs by Edyta Sitar, and they just casually showed a double 9 patch like this - and Edyta suggested making this along with the BOM out of scraps. The quilt, while just shown briefly, caught my attention and I just jumped on it - as a great idea - though obviously I didn’t do it as I went along on this project. Obviously! But I figured I could easily “eek” out one more quilt out of the small pieces I was about to throw away!

A distance shot!

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And with the showing of this quilt - number 50 in the series, I am coming to the end. I won’t show these individual quilts again unless for reference or comparison. You have made it to “The End” of the series with me!

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If you are curious and get nostalgic and happen to want to see them all in one place, there are here - on the Upcycled Blues page on the website. Feel free to hop on over there.

Also feel free to share that page with anyone you think might be interested. I would be honored.

Be sure to check out what my sis has for you in the store!

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