"Coinage" - upcycled blues #44 finished

The countdown is on.

At the beginning of this top, I had 7 left til this upcycled blues project is finished.

This simple quilt - is made up of strips cut 1.5” x 4.5”. As I was making this top I was getting so close to the end that I was very excited! This one managed to use up fabrics that I didn’t know how to use in other ways. Cutting into strips of 1.5” meant I could use all but the smallest of pieces.

IMG_5656 sm name web.jpg
layout with name website.jpg

The gray strips in the middle were all cut 3.5” wide by 96.5” long. (You can either cut the length of a piece of fabric or piece width of fabric and cut down to 96.5”).

I use 96 of these little pieces in each row - and I made sure they all fit the length of those - it helped keep it straight.

Once again - I didn’t make a pattern for this as it is only strips sewn together one after the other. It didn’t seem to need a pattern. I used this diagram to help me.

I wrote a rather extensive blog post explaining how I made this here.

It is more or less a tutorial in the form of a blog post.

IMG_5677 sm name web.jpg

I did a variety of quilting on this one. The gray strips each got a different motif. It kind of stretched me as I don’t really have that many appropriate ones in my repertoire. But here are a couple.

IMG_5698 sm name web.jpg
IMG_5664 sm name web.jpg

This quilt finishes at about 90”x 96” - before quilting.

IMG_5660 sm.jpg

Here’s the backing - as once again it is all upcycleds. I had to piece it, of course, and I’m reverting to other colors other than primarily blue.

IMG_5862 sm name web.jpg

The gray is all the same gray - just the lighting is different! Here you can see some of the quilting a little better than in some of the other pictures.


On the coins themselves (the blues) I just did some loop de loop quilting. It is easy to do and I really didn’t think it would show up much anyway - and I was right. Why do extensive quilting where it can not be seen? I suppose one could do it just for the practice - but I didn’t see the point.

IMG_5874 sm name web.jpg

And there it is. I have updated the picture on the Upcycled Blues page.

And that’s all I have for you today! Have a great day wherever you are reading this!

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