"Radio Waves" finished

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You probably forgot about this quilt because it’s been so long ago now that I made the top.

Yes. It’s been sitting since 2017! But I just couldn’t focus on everything at once - had to finish up that Blues series before looking back into my cabinets and tackling some of the finished tops that have just been sitting!

This is an all upcycled quilt - part of that series.

I have a general “Upcycled Series”. If you haven’t seen it, you can follow the story here. I haven’t had time to add this one to it, yet but will get to it pretty soon.

My goal had been to make between 5 and 10 quilts a year from only upcycled materials. Then I started the blues one and I kind of blew up that goal.

I managed to finish it this past week! I want to finish 3 new “upcycled fall colored” tops - and this doesn’t count as one of them! What I meant by that is three NEW upcycled fall colored tops. This is an old one.

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My husband looked at the back and said, “Nice back!” Hmm. It’s fine. Nothing special, to me - but something tells me he likes these colors!


This is part of my Easy Block series - where I am unabashedly using big squares and simply big squares - no cutting them up into tiny pieces!

The thing that makes this one interesting is the sashing. Hopefully the quilting adds to the “radio waves” feeling of the quilt.

My husband just kind of shrugged when I told him the name of this one. He just said, “I guess you have to be kind of creative to come up with all those names, huh?” I don’t think he was too impressed! But I’m not too worried about what he thinks about the names of these quilts or patterns!

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I quilted this with my Janome 8900. I managed to snag a picture with my phone before I completely forgot. Sometimes I have my Canon with me in my sewing room, but this time I didn’t - but managed to remember to get one with my phone camera!


I quilted it with circles and swirls hopefully to help that feeling of radio waves be reinforced! I also used a tan thread which actually does show up on the cream.

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I actually wanted the picture of the quilt with the leaves on the ground. Makes it seem more like autumn!

I actually wanted the picture of the quilt with the leaves on the ground. Makes it seem more like autumn!

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And the quilt roll of course!

The pattern has already been on the free patterns page, but I did update it with new pictures and it is here.

I hope someone can use it!


I trust you have a wonderful day wherever you are reading this!


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