Cultural: A Bathroom to Love!

Since I showed you a bathroom a few weeks/months ago now, that I hated, I thought it only fair that I show you a really nice one that I happened in on Saturday as we were coming back from that conference where my husband was the speaker.

Here it is!


The stalls!


Aren’t they pretty?

AND the doors don’t have those awful cracks in them - between the door and the hinges. (I hate those - I am sure our American engineers can figure out how to install doors in public bathrooms that actually provide completely privacy as they do much better at that in Europe than in the USA!)


And while there weren’t flowers all over ALL the walls, the stall doors, inside and out had these huge flowers on them. Plus, it was what you saw when you walked into the bathroom!

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about as a matter of contrast, a while ago I walked into a bathroom that I hated in a mall in Warsaw. That blog post is here.

And so…this is a quick and short post - but hopefully one that makes you smile! I’ve never seen a bathroom like this in the states! That’s why I’m showing it to you! (I do admit that I’ve not lived in the states much since 1994 when we came here, though!)

Have a great day wherever you are reading this! I’m off working on charity quilts today!

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