Big Fabric Haul - end of Month 2 update


Well, I’m on a roll now. I decided to go ahead and cut up enough tops and prepare/plan for the 4 I needed to finish for the month of August all at once.

I was able to get the next four finished in spite of less than a full month from the last update. Three of the four here went together rather quickly, as you can imagine!

Once again - I’m using 10” cut squares for the centers as I’m using sportswear weight fabric - the browns - but they are very different in their weights and feel of the fabric. I should probably go ahead and finish one or two completely to see how they wash up. Maybe by next month’s report I can do that.

Here they are!

I thought with those, I can add in the first 5 so you can see the whole series so far.

If you follow me on this little journey you are going to get SICK of browns and then blacks/grays since that is basically what I have from this sportswear collection!

IMG_4299 sm name web.jpg

Here they are all spread out on the table. All 9 are charity quilt tops!

IMG_4309 sm name web.jpg

There you are! Check back in a month for the next segment! I’m trying to get one a week done. In one year that will be 52 charity quilt tops from this fabric!

Part of the “Big Fabric Haul”

Part of the “Big Fabric Haul”

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