Birthday Bash explained!

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Did you come to today’s blog post thinking you were going to see part 2 of the store?

I’m sorry. I bumped my sister til tomorrow. (I’m not really sorry - that’s just an expression!)

I wanted to explain what we’re doing with our Birthday Bash celebration.

We are having our birthday this week - August 2 - to be exact.

We thought we’d celebrate by giving YOU things all week long.


That is how they do it here in Poland. I used to think it was so weird - as I always thought that birthday celebrations were when people brought the person having a birthday a gift.

Here in Poland, the birthday person throws the party, brings their own cake to work to share, kids bring candy to school to hand out to their classmates, etc. - they spend the money - they have a party paid for and provided for by the one whose birthday it is!

It still seems a bit backwards to me on a personal level, but for a business - it’s great! It’s a chance to do something special!

So, we’re having our birthday bash. It’s not really because I’m here in Poland, but just to have some “good, clean fun” and help promote the business - and the blog, and Facebook page and group. And I’ve found that in the middle of the summer when it’s hot and “blah” outside, doing something like this, well, it spreads a little bit of excitement around!

Every day you will have a chance to win something. Let me show you.

#1 - In the Store at the Quilted Twins in Dade City, FL

birthday bucks.jpg

On Tuesday morning, Thursday afternoon and Saturday in the middle of the day when the physical, brick and mortar store is open, you have a chance to win a Birthday Buck just for saying, “Happy Birthday, Rachael” to Rachael.


That’s a free dollar to spend in the store! No minimum purchase. On Thursday if you say, “Happy birthday Rachael AND Becky” you will get 2 Birthday Bucks.

So what can you do with 2 Birthday Bucks? Well, my sis has a lot of $3.99/yard fabric and their minimum cut is 1/2 yard. Go get yourself a free half yard of fabric on Thursday by saying”Happy Birthday Rachael and Becky”. Yep. The other days, with one Birthday Buck, you can go to the “pieces” section of the store and find a small piece of fabric that is under $1 and walk out without paying anything! Sounds like fun to me!

My sis will also have her daily pack give away as part of special summer excitement as usual.

#2 - On the Blog Post every day

Every day at the bottom of the blog post there will be a question. If you comment under the blog post that day, you will be entered into the contest.

I will be giving away a yard of Polish fabric AND a reusable Polish fabric bag - I have a variety of colors and you can have your choice of a bag.

(You may have your choice of a Polish folk design or some amazing purple/green butterfly fabric AND your choice of a reusable bag - I have 5 different colors.)

birthday bash bags.jpg

#3 - On the Facebook page every day

Every day on the Facebook page if you’ve “liked” it - you can answer the question of the day and be entered to win some fabric.

I won’t tell you the question of the day here, but I will tell you what you can win:

birthday bash panels.jpg

Monday - a panel of your choice up to $15 from our store.


Tuesday - an 8 or 9 piece fat quarter bundle pack - your choice

IMG_3766 small for contest.jpg

Wednesday - A piece of Polish folk design fabric, a set of Polish folk design napkins and a reusable shopping bag with a Polish folk design


Thursday - Cool or warm solids 10 piece half yard bundle pack OR a yard of your choice of fabric - any that we have in stock.

birthday bash backing.jpg

Friday - a 3 yard 108” backing pack - Rachael’s choice of color but probably off white/off white - tone on tone


Saturday - a set of Lily and Loom 10” squares pack and a 2.5” strip set

birthday bash lily and loom.jpg

#4 - On the Facebook group every day

Every day on the Facebook group you will be asked a question and have a chance to win the same things as on the Facebook page - The questions will be different, however.

Your chances of winning are pretty good if you enter every day! Look for the clip art “Birthday Bash”. I mean, it’s not a sure thing, but a whole lot better than any lottery you’ve probably ever entered or thought about entering - and it’s all at no cost to you except a little bit of engagement!

So there you are! Have fun this week!

I will put up a list of winners next Monday, August 5.

Keep going all the way to the bottom of this page for today’s question!

Be sure to check out what my sis has for you in the store!

Birthday Bash.jpg

To enter to win a free reusable Polish bag and a yard of Polish fabric, answer this question:

If money were no object for a pattern/fabrics, what is a “dream quilt” you would make?