"Impressionist Wreaths" - 2" strips top nr. 76 finished

What? Number 76 already???

That’s impossible!

Well, yes, it is possible - I’ve not shown nr. 71-75.

Sorry about that. This one was so simple that getting the pattern ready was a piece of cake.

Here it is.

IMG_3387 sm name web.jpg

Those of you who are really aware of all of the free patterns probably recognize this block.

Yes, I’ve actually made this block elsewhere. But ever since I made it, I’ve wanted to make it up again.

Kachelofen - uses the same block

Kachelofen - uses the same block

So, this past week I decided to just “do it”.

I needed color after that beige one.

(Yes, I liked the beige one - but I just wanted something bright and colorful!)

The “other one” where I used the same block was Kachelofen” - I’m sure you will recognize it once you see it.

The block is the same - the exact same one:

IMG_7319 sm.jpg

I tried to throw a lot of red in the blocks - that is what gives it that pop - makes it nice and colorful!

I did just use various blacks and I aimed for white on each side of the black- a few of them aren’t quite as white as some of the others.

I did make it using strip piecing. Completely.

I needed 64 blocks, so I had a bit of piecing in this one!

IMG_3391 sm name web.jpg
IMG_3399 sm name web.jpg

So what do I think about this one?

I love it! Yes. It fulfilled my need for COLOR.

IMG_3407 sm name web.jpg

I don’t know how many pieces are in it.

Let’s see. It’s got 64 blocks. Each block is 64 pieces. So 64x64 =4096. I’ve certainly had more- and lots with fewer pieces than this one. It is what it is. I don’t even normally check.

I don’t know how long it took me to piece it.

I can go back and check when I was taking pictures of the strip piecing I was doing, however. Let me check.

Just checked. 3 days ago I was piecing the first blocks.I probably spent about 3 days making the blocks and putting the top together. It was so easy - no borders, not on point, etc. Just one block. ONE BLOCK. Easy peasy.

I’m am desperate (maybe that word is too strong, though- I just want to…badly!) to whittle down those 2” strips again. Yes. I am. I’ve got too many in my sewing room. Thankfully after about 8 tops which I’ve done recently, the pile is actually getting smaller - just not gone yet - not even half gone!

if you do want to stay current on where I am with the 2” strips series, you can go here. ALL of the quilts from this series are here - in order.

I started the project in 2015 - so that’s when I start with the pictures. I do have some quilts there that I’ve not written the patterns for yet - if I’m going to write it. There is at least one that I won’t write because it came off of Moda’s free patterns page. I wanted to document it all in one place—like my 2” upcycled blues series!

The Impressionist Wreaths pattern is found here. I hope someone can use it!

Have a good day wherever you are reading this.

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