Irish Chain Fancy - #67 in 2" series top finished

I figured some of you figured I’d stopped this series. Well, I haven’t. I still have plenty of 2” strips and pieces, so I am forging ahead with these.

I’m not as fast as I was at the beginning because I now have to finish up my upcycled blues, and want to get going on upcycled greens -

But anyway,

Recently I saw a simple Single Irish Chain on a bed in my Facebook feed. I’d been having a hankering to make another one - but it clinched it when I saw how beautiful it was to me. It is such an easy, easy pattern, but I still like it nonetheless. I went into my stash of fabrics and found this background fabric - a hunk of very light green with some yellow in it. I decided to make this quilt “as big as I could with what I had”.

I went to my pile of 2” strips which are spread out on my sewing room floor and started choosing out strips. I’m determined to get that pile worked down once again. I have too many - and they get in the way so I will keep sewing until that pile gets smaller and smaller!

For this one I chose med/dark blues, greens, and purples.

And I got this queen size quilt top out of it. Of course, I have more greens, purples and blues 2” strips, so they were no problem. In fact, that is why I made the extra outer border - i really wanted to use up MORE of those on this quilt. Also, I see that it added an extra “fancy” look to the simplicity of the Single Irish Chain. So, yes, I’m pleased. I wasn’t sure I’d like it with that extra border- until I did it.

if you are curious what in the world I’m talking about when I say 2” series- I started this series in 2015. I do have pictures of all of the quilts or tops on one page of the website. It’s here.

I know. It’s slightly crooked. but I’ll take another one outside, when it is completely finished and it will be straight!

I know. It’s slightly crooked. but I’ll take another one outside, when it is completely finished and it will be straight!

IMG_1599 sm name web.jpg

An Irish chain quilt - this single Irish chain was the first design that hit my fancy when i started quilting. i was amazed how a simple 9 patch - which was also the first real “block” I learned to make- combined with a plain square made a design!

I thought it was SO COOL!

IMG_1571 sm name web.jpg

Here you can see it on my brand spanking newly refinished floor! My husband laughed when he saw it lying on the floor.

IMG_1605 sm name web.jpg

While I have added this quilt to the page where my 2” series is, I haven not written up a pattern.

Is this something you would be interested in? It’s a simple Irish chain quilt (an alternating light 5” cut block in this case with a 9 patch using 2” strips with the darks on the corner. The borders are probably the most complicated part of this quilt!

Please let me know in the comments if you would find it helpful. We are looking at some hot days later in the week where being in my sewing room will be uncomfortable. I could probably get it done then if helpful.

Have a great day wherever you are reading this!

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