Beige Wedding Quilt - Day 6

Today my goal was to get this thing quilted and bound!

But first I had to sandwich it.

Since our area is in disarray and my clips are hidden…somewhere…I went to the basement and found my husband’s huge ones. They didn’t hold the quilt as well. Oh well.

IMG_2717sm name.jpg
IMG_2718 sm name web.jpg

I use spray basting and safety pins.

Eventually I took it to my sewing machine and started quilting. I procrastinated for as long as I could - I’m always a little uneasy about starting - especially since it has been a while since I’ve quilted something.

I did fill about 8 bobbins first with thread so I wouldn’t have to stop and fill more bobbins in the middle of quilting.

Then I started.

IMG_2729 sm name web.jpg

The spirals aren’t so hard for me anymore. I need to advance on to another motif. Someone on a group said they liked to do leaves and spirals. I’ll have to look up leaves. I’d love to learn those.

IMG_2730 sm name web.jpg

I did some before lunch/dinner and then went back to tackle some more eventually.

IMG_2745 sm name web.jpg

I stopped for quite a while, in fact. I did finally finish up the quilting about 8 pm that night - and so I decided to wait to bind til the next day. I had to cut the binding, press it, and prepare it. I do machine binding, by the way. I figured I had about an hour left on the quilt til I could wash it.

I know at least a few of you are just getting going at 8 pm, but when I’d been looking at this thing or at least thinking about it all day, my heart wasn’t in tackling the binding. I needed a fresh start the next day. if I’m going to do something when I’m kind of tired, it needs to be pretty mindless sewing - nothing I have to “try to do as perfectly as I can” type of thing.

Almost finished! I only have the finishing up things now!

Tomorrow I’ll show the whole set - the quilt, the pillow cases and decorator pillows that I made.

Be sure to check out what my sis has for you in the store!