Beige Wedding Quilt - Day 5

I had to trim the quilt and put on the two borders. My plan was to put a smaller inner border and a wide outer border.

I “staystitched” the edge of the quilt diagonally where I was going to be trimming the blocks off.


Then I trimmed. I aimed for a 1/4” just to the outside of the spot where the corners were - where the white met the colored blocks.


I have planned to make sure the uneven places are taken up in the seam allowance when I attach the first border.


I am showing you this because I think that something as simple as staystitching really helps with stretching along the edges on a quilt top like this.


Here it is after it is fully trimmed.


After I trimmed, I cut my borders as told me by the Electric Quilt program as to length, pinned in place and sewed them on.

I chose one of my lighter tans for the inner border and this beautiful Stonehenge fabric which I found on a Polish website a few years ago for the outer border.

It is the same brown as I used in the lighter of the chains.

I then measured and cut and pinned my pieces to the sides, putting on the sides first and then the top and bottom of first the inner border, and then the outer border.

Here it is - all finished!

IMG_2708 sm name.jpg

I’m glad I decided to spring for using the borders I did. I actually struggled with it - as the Stonehenge was expensive fabric - but it was what I had and I was just sure it as the best choice from what I had. Yes, I struggled with it knowing it’s expensive fabric and my selfish me didn’t want to use it - “because then I won’t have any left!”!

Then I remembered what my sis remarked to me when she was asked if she still had some fabric in stock that she sold last year - “Do they think we’re a fabric museum?” I had laughed.

IMG_2711 sm name web.jpg

So, I told myself, “It’s perfect, USE it! You aren’t a fabric museum!” In the end I am glad I used it and after I meet the bride, I will probably be very glad. (I’ve never met the couple I made this for - or the mom and dad, though my husband works with them every time he goes to the Ukraine to teach in a Bible school in Bila Tserkov.)

Plus, I didn’t use it ALL up, so I still have a yard or more of it - so I’m okay. I think. It’s just fabric. At least that is what I keep telling myself!

So there you go - now off to try to get this thing quilted and finished up in time for our trip!

Have a great day wherever you are reading this!

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