Beige Wedding Quilt - Day 1

As I mentioned in the introductory post about the quilt - I was able to get going on the quilt blocks on this day a bit late.

block 1.jpg

I did manage to make all the blocks that I had hoped to - I’m calling them “block 1”.

I needed 42 of them. They are the blocks that form the chain - along with the sashing and cornerstones, that is.

I need 42 of these blocks for the quilt.

I wanted to make each chain a different color - at least distinctive enough to see that they are different. On the first block I had a sudden fear that they weren’t different enough to notice.

Then I decided to go and leave them - as I loved the fabrics - one of them is Stonehenge and another is by ? - it just says “Made in Japan” on the selvage and they both have a wonderful feel to them - some of those fabrics that are just wonderful to “play with”.

I chose 6 different lights for the background from among the beige fabrics that I have and pieced those blocks.

IMG_2482 sm.jpg

I strip pieced as much as I could, but because I was making only 7 identical blocks, it wasn’t as easy as if I were going to make a bunch of truly scrappy ones.

By the evening, I did have the 42 finished - 7 each of 6 different backgrounds. The chains are consistent on each one

IMG_2488 sm.jpg

Because I did finish in the early evening, I did go ahead and do a bit more pressing and even some sewing on another top I’m in the middle of.

Actually I’m in the middle of about 4 tops. With cooler weather as part of the forecast, it really helps give me energy for working in the sewing room and should allow for finishing this quilt.

In Fahrenheit

In Fahrenheit

In Celcius

In Celcius

Here’s the plan once again.

Here’s the plan once again.

I can already feel a very bright, colorful quilt top coming on! While these are nice - and I’m enjoying it, I am missing “color” already!

Check back Monday for progress on the next set of blocks!


Oh…the stars…they are here. Look at the dark half square triangle blocks.

Then because at least one of you couldn’t see them still, I put the second picture underneath it.

layout beige quilt the real one with circled stars.jpg
I realize I didn’t color the same ones as the ones I circled above, but I think you get the idea.

I realize I didn’t color the same ones as the ones I circled above, but I think you get the idea.


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