Cultural: A bit of Ukrainian folk designs and scenery


Some of you remember that we went to a wedding in the Ukraine a couple of weeks ago.

I was able to get some pictures of some interesting scenery and folk designs on clothing worn by real people - not costumes.

The girl was a server at the reception - All the servers at the restaurant where we had the reception meal were wearing the same tops. They were very pretty!

The embroidery was lovely - this was not just a stamped on design!

The embroidery was lovely - this was not just a stamped on design!

There was a boy also who had some really nice embroidery on his shirt - a typical Ukrainian design - But since he was under 18, I’m kind of afraid to use his picture - even though I asked him if I could take the picture - I didn’t ask his parents.’s the embroidery part.


There was a lady there who had some amazing embroidery on her top as well. Here are some close ups.

On our way there we kind of got lost - and at one point the driver stopped to let his young son take a potty break. Thankfully it was right near this fantastic bus stop. I was thrilled. Very cool.

Close up of the inside.

Close up of the inside.

Close up of the top - the Ukrainian flag is blue and yellow

Close up of the top - the Ukrainian flag is blue and yellow


I think that it is interesting to see things like this up close. Here it is. You notice all the wobbles and regularities up close which you don’t from a distance! Wow. Just like quilting!!

Of course this must be very, very old! I can’t imagine how long it took to put together. I’m impressed that vandals have left it alone!

The mosaic was wonderful!

The mosaic was wonderful!

This is in the Carpathian hilly region - so quite a pretty area!

It was also the Ukraine - so we saw quite a few Russian Orthodox churches!


But other than the churches - of which there were many, and that beautiful bus stop, I wanted to show you some of the houses in that region. I snapped these while we were driving, so while I tried to get them nicely centered and all, sometimes they were a bit less than ideal.

Next time I talk about our trip to the Ukraine, I will show pictures of the wedding/reception!

So there you are - you got to see a little bit of the Ukraine — the region around the town called Lvov (or Lviv) - close to Poland.

Have a great day wherever you are reading this!

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