Top #74 from my 2" strips and squares series finished

I’ve been a bit discouraged lately with my quilt tops. Why? Well, it just seemed like they haven’t been coming out as nicely as I had hoped.

No, they weren’t awful, but just not QUITE what I have envisioned.

This is one of those.

IMG_2980 sm.jpg

I am okay with how it turned out, but the color of my sashing didn’t work as well as I had hoped. What I should have done is gone for a tad bit darker sashing - but I didn’t really have something that was just the perfect shade.

I went with something only slightly darker than the white I used - and I should have gone even one shade darker.

What I wanted, was just a little bit darker than the rest of the sashing. Here’s a close up.

closely cropped.jpg

Unfortunately, that meant that the subtlety that I had had hoped for is all but lost.

Oh well. I’m not about to take it all out and redo it. Nope. That’s not my style.

Here it is - before I added the borders - In this view you can see the sashing contrast a little bit - if you aren’t looking at your screen while standing in a lot of sunlight I suppose you can see the slight shadow where the sashing strips are.

IMG_2947 sm name web.jpg

This is once again a quilt on point - but with so few blocks in it I didn’t take progress pictures.

I did show trimming off the original pointy parts, though. Here are a couple of those pictures:

Here it is - in all it’s glory. It’s one of those that if I hadn’t had one thing in my mind, I’d be fine with it -but since I was going for a certain look and didn’t get it…well, I’m a little sad.

IMG_2976 sm name web.jpg

Here is the block - on point, of course!

IMG_2961 smname web.jpg

The pattern? It’ll be done ASAP - in the next week. Right now I’m focusing on the Birthday Bash and a few other things - so lest I make some stupid mistakes - I mean, really stupid, I think I’d best call a halt on patterns for this week! I think that “enough is enough” at one time.

Just to let you know what I had in mind - here’s the layout and here’s the EQ coloration - of what I was going for but didn’t quite do.




EQ rendition of how it should look

EQ rendition of how it should look

And now you know. I’ve been powering through - still sewing/still making things, but my latest few finished tops have been a little “less than” I had hoped for. I’m feeling pretty much like a great big disappointment - to myself and to whatever fans I might have.

That’s all for now!

Have a great day wherever you are reading this!

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