What? You've NEVER visited Quilted Twins? Never fear... Step on inside with me. I'll show you!

Recently Becky asked if I would share about our trip to Ohio here on the blog.

I definitely wanted to share our trip this summer with you. However, I realized that an awful lot of you have never experienced OUR store here in Dade City, Florida. I figured it would definitely be unfair to us to share other people’s stores with you when we haven’t shared our own store with you, and we’ve added hundreds of new followers since we did any kind of promotion of Quilted Twins (and QuiltedTwins.com).


The inventory at QuiltedTwins moves pretty quickly, so our store seemingly always look like a tornado came through. If we were to straighten it all the time, I’d have to have a person who did nothing but that. If I did that, I’d have to raise my prices and frankly, I don’t want to do that, either. So, we just “deal with it.” The idea of having a perpetually neat store only works if your store isn’t super busy, and our store is super busy.


 Let me take you on our visual virtual tour as I take you through our store.

I might only get halfway through it today as you might grow weary of seeing everything.

When you first walk up, you’ll know that we’re open if you see both the outdoor sign and the small welcome sign out in the walkway.

Open the door, and you’ll see our check out counter. A lot of people notice the cork located in the counter, but not all. In fact, MOST people don’t see the counters at all, as when they walk in, they look up and see…. What? Nothing but bolt after bolt after bolt of fabric! It’s Ok to gape. Most people’s eyes get super big, and their mouths open and out comes, a “Wow, that’s a lot of fabric. I’m overwhelmed!”

All eyes are on the fabric… everywhere!

All eyes are on the fabric… everywhere!

But straight ahead  are two panels. Behind those two panels are two restrooms. Many of our ladies have come from a long ways away and they appreciate the fact that we have not one, but two readily available bathrooms!

We try to hide our bathrooms behind panels. It works much of the time!

We try to hide our bathrooms behind panels. It works much of the time!


Turn left, and head into the main part of the store. You’ll pass the shopping carts and the pieces area. Grab a shopping cart now as we have only about 15 or 20 total. You’ll want one if you’re planning to get a lot of stuff. They surely work great, and it’s far easier to have a cart than to carry your fabric around,.


Before you head off into the store, let me show you our pricing chart and our reshelving policy. Yes, we have three basic prices. They are variations, of course, but mainly we have three prices as shown on the sign.



The first thing you come to is the white/whites. Since they are $3.99, these get a lot of attention!

We have about 100 bolts of white/white and white/off-white variations. It’s mind-boggling, actually.

We have about 100 bolts of white/white and white/off-white variations. It’s mind-boggling, actually.


Then, we see the florals, and we’ll take you and show you the novelty area. The novelties are so much fun. We’re always coming up with more categories and more divisions to make shopping in the store easier and more fun! This, of course, also carries on over into the internet side of our business, because all the bolts out in the main store that have a code on the end of the bolt are also on the internet!






















There. That just about covers all of our novelty categories. That’s an amazing number of fun fabrics from which you get to choose.


Then, let’s head on down to the far end of the store, turn left and go to the window. There you’ll find our Metallics section. With over 100 bolts, we have a number of metallics that combine with all types of other fabrics. Each of these fabrics has either a gold or a silver sparkle to it.

Then, if you turn around, you’ll look down the long rows and you’ll see on your left and on your right .. well, these are Rachael’s Picks. I’m Rachael and I picked ‘em. That’s the way I say it. These are $3.99 and they are replenish able.

I can  get more.

On a Rachael’s Pick Fabric family, we might have 17 different colors of the same design.

On a Rachael’s Pick Fabric family, we might have 17 different colors of the same design.

The rest of the store.. well, you’d better plan to take all that you need now as there really won’t be any guarantees that we’ll be able to get more of any of the rest of it.

We are up to Fabric Family 115 now. The new fabulous Tie Dye Family is Number 115.


Now, let’s go all the way to the end of the far row and you’ll find our flannels. These are all $4.99 per yard. It’s Florida and we don’t specialize in flannels. We have over 130, however, which covers most of the baby quilts needed and those wanting to do rag quilts.

Turn left again and head back out into the main part of the store and you’ll see the backing area. We always carry well over 200 bolts of backing. Our 108” is only $8.49 per yard and this is perhaps the most popular area of the store. We used to guarantee that it was the most popular, but now our batiks and panels are creeping up there in popularity. There’s usually a gathering happening in the backing corner!

 Then, keep walking and you’ll turn left into the Panel Nook. The panels are everywhere. We are getting known for our panels and we have people coming from far and wide to check out the panels that we’re carrying.

If you pick a panel, be sure to ask if there’s a fabric that goes with it. We do have some on display, but there aren’t enough display areas for all the panels that need displays.

The Festival of Roses is one such display that shows the drop dead gorgeous roses and their accompanying panel.

The Festival of Roses is one such display that shows the drop dead gorgeous roses and their accompanying panel.

 Go ahead and walk out of the panel area, and we’ll show you our BASIC BLENDER area and our KONA EQUIVALENT SOLIDS. These both are crazy popular, and We’re ever so grateful that we can offer these two areas at 3.99 and 4.99 per yard.

Right next to that is our Patriotic area. We have 100 different Patriotic fabrics now, along with a couple of different 2.5” fabric strips, some fat quarter bundles and some half yard packs that all feature patriotic fabrics. We have gotten pretty well known among the Quilt of Valor people and they come with their pocketbooks open to stock their charity quilt stash. We love being able to help them out!



Right in the center of the store is our two person cutting station. We have usually Sarah and Jessica standing facing each other with customers on one end, waiting in a single line so that they can be processed in order.



While you’re standing in line, you can check out the slide presentation that we have on a loop for you in our big screen tv’s.

And before we leave the first half of the store, don’t miss our seasonal room! Seriosly now. Who doesn’t love the holidays and seasons? With the crazy quantity of holidays, surely there’s one you’d like to make something for: Christmas, Winter, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and fall. Oh, let’s not forget Valentine’s Day! We have fabrics for all!



Now, let’s walk past our $3.49 solids and our baby watching station. Nora (age 4 months) resides in the swing a lot and whatever grandmother sits in the rocking chair is on grandmother duty, while she sits there, watching the baby. Sarah is just a couple of feet away, cutting fabric. (Those solids are just $3.49 pert yard and we’re selling them out soon, hopefully, so I can use that rack for my gorgeous $4.99 ones!)

Now let’s head to the other half of the store. We have to walk past the two pay stations to move into “part 2”.

What? You’re tired of walking? Oh, ok. We’ll do that on Monday then… Come back and visit.. Rest a bit up over the weekend.. Be sure to look for Rachael’s Sunday Eye Candy emails!! Come back on Monday for the rest of the tour!……………..(to be continued….)

Be sure to check out what we have for you in the store!