Charity quilt top bonanza! Thank you!

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Recently we got two boxes from ourselves. Yes, I was in the states in May for my daughter’s graduation from university. While there, we mailed boxes to us here in Poland - to come via ship.

I had prepared the boxes way back in October when I was in the states for a missions conference. However, because of the uncertain nature of my residency permit, I had asked my sis to wait and mail the boxes after I received my card.

Well, I got the temporary residency card in early February, 2019. My sis kind of forgot about the boxes, and I knew we would be going back to the states in late April or early May once again (for my daughter’s graduation), so I told them not to worry about it. The boxes were safely in the back of my sis’s van. Yes, they were sitting there for months.

This is Jurek.

This is Jurek.

I’m telling you all that to say that several of you had sent tops to my sis in 2018 for me. I had packed them in those boxes. I have been waiting for them - and finally this past week we got them!

Yes, Jurek, with our package service was here once again - we have been blessed to have a delivery guy who has been watching out for us since Lydia was a baby. I can’t say how blessed. Just take my word for it - we felt so blessed that I made him a quilt to say thank you for watching out for us.


I didn’t get just two or three tops, either—I got a whole bunch of quilt tops for charity in the two boxes I got!

I hadn’t really taken the time to look at them when I was in the states - I just moved them from the boxes that were sent to us and moved them to these boxes which I packed up.

They are wonderful! There is a variety of size, colors and styles - and I love that!

I will bump these to the top of my pile of things to finish this calendar year!

You all are doing your best to make me look good, and I appreciate it!

Here they are! I believe there are 26 tops here!

IMG_3541 sm name web.jpg

Here they are a little closer up:

IMG_3549 sm.jpg

I also got a bunch of stuff from a friend from a church in Utah - blocks and fabric and such - I’ll try to see about getting those together this summer as well.

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I do appreciate all this help! It helps me be able to meet my goal of 120 charity quilts finished this year PLUS be able to make other things and share patterns with you. I do tend to do simple quilts for charity, so doing “other things” keeps me motivated by making up new designs and patterns.

This also allows for a greater variety of quilts in our give away, which I appreciate, as I know the recipients do. Last time I had a whole bunch of kids’ quilts and kind of ran out of “adult” quilts so I am thrilled - I mean THRILLED with these!

If you are wondering what my requirements are for a donated top…it is really simple.

  • I just need it well made - for example, if you corporate lace into the top, for example, please put something underneath it so there is no way for batting to come out through the top (don’t ask).

    I would prefer a machine stitched top - but I will use hand stitched tops - but just be aware that I will probably machine quilt them extra.

  • There is absolutely NO accounting for taste, so looks have nothing to do with whether a top is good for me or not.

This is how we set up charity quilts for the give away. People come in and choose what they want. I do not normally “hand” one to the person as I want them to choose what they like.

This is how we set up charity quilts for the give away. People come in and choose what they want. I do not normally “hand” one to the person as I want them to choose what they like.

Here’s a really sweet lady from Bulgaria who needed some for herself and her two teenage sons. She gave me permission to use this picture anytime! She lives here in Poland.

Here’s a really sweet lady from Bulgaria who needed some for herself and her two teenage sons. She gave me permission to use this picture anytime! She lives here in Poland.

I have seen some ugly things (to me - I made them) chosen before a very pretty quilt that I thought was fantastic. What we normally do is put the quilts out and let people take what they want. See picture above. I will say that a beautiful quilt will get a lot of raves and will be taken quickly, usually - but not necessarily if it is yellow - they prefer dark-ish over light-ish - usually! (But not always - not too long ago I had a lady come in and want a lighter one for her son who suffers from depression - she said the dark ones were too depressing - esp. combined with our dark winters.)

If it is a LOT of work, I will also make sure that the person who gets it doesn’t reek of alcohol. Yes, we do have people come in to get quilts who have a problem. I have been known to put aside some of the ones that were a ton of work (i.e. paper pieced or many small pieces) and selectively choose from among those who come - giving those esp. to women from whom I get vibes such as people who have lost a spouse and are in need or in an unusual situation. There are people who are perennially in a state of crisis and while I will help them, naturally, I will give the extra extra special quilt tops I receive from you to those who seem to be ones who aren’t living a lifestyle where I think it won’t be cared for. Naturally I don’t go to anyone’s homes and check up on how they are caring for their quilts. But you can tell.

I have some panel tops I’ve made especially for the men who are regulars, though - as I really have no confidence they will take care of them. They aren’t necessarily homeless but are just about one step from it. I do think they appreciate their quilts though as they seem to come get them each time I have a give-away. (Yes, I’ve wondered if they sell them, but since I do it only about once a year I figure if a quilt lasts them a year of hard use, well, that’s okay!)

But we do have some people who aren’t particularly sophisticated in their tastes, so simple is fine as well. Even ugly, if I can say that. Something for everyone is my idea of a good quilt give away.

  • What about size?

I use about 60”x80” as a starting place for a single (obviously 90” long is fine! and up to about a 90”x100” for a double - or a 90”x90”. If you send me a quilt top, there are a couple of things to remember - 1. I will get to it- but it may be next year before I get it finished and given away and 2. I may add borders to the outside if it isn’t a 60x80”. Since I have a rather extensive stash, I can pretty much add borders to anything.


My stash is THAT big.

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Once again - THANKS so much for helping me to look so good! I do appreciate you!

We do have a FAQ page talking about it.

Plus, I get a thrill out of feeling your tops- I appreciate each one and handle them with care and love! Because I quilt, I realize how much work has gone into each of the tops that is given to me!

I know.

Let me assure you— my heart races a bit with each one that I work on - I really do like them!

And there you go! Thanks for reading!

Have a wonderful day!

Be sure to check out what my sis has for you in the store!