"Not-so-Quick Strippie" - # 77 2" strips and squares top finished

I was going for something quick and easy.

The title is a nod to the original “Quick Strippie quilt” I saw quite a few years ago - over at Maryquilts.

She has a nice website - Lots of good stuff there!

But this wasn’t so quick. In addition to the fact that there was a bit of piecing to this, the timing of the top making coincided with a heat wave - and pressing/ironing became a problem as I didn’t want to heat up the house. So, this one, while I thought it should have been finished in a couple of days, actually took a bit longer.

I also literally agonized as to whether I should make this with white strips to calm it all down or “go wild”. I decided to “go wild” and use bold colors for all the strips. White would have let everything seem much more orderly with nice places for the eye to rest. I actually rejected that plan in this one. I am not sure why - I know I would love an orderly quilt. Maybe I’m just trying to stretch myself and see how far my own personal comfort zone can be pushed.

IMG_3771 sm name web.jpg

I used only strips of fabric in between the rows of 2” squares and then the strips of what I think of a “piano key border”. there was no real piecing in those rows. I went to my shelves and actually looked for some fabric that worked with these colors as I needed 4.5” strips and most of my true scraps weren’t big enough to make that strip. I worked hard to find colors that would help me get the look I wanted.

IMG_3789 sm name web.jpg
IMG_3782 sm name web.jpg

I chose to make it with the colors that make me feel very upbeat…the brights and clear colors of red, yellow, blue, orange, and some hot pinks. I picked through my already cut strips and chose out what I wanted and cut strips of 6.5” pieces for the piano key strips. The strips of squares were made by strip piecing various bright strips together in rows of 4 and then subcutting and piecing together as any strip piecing is.

These colors aren’t necessarily relaxing - but they are pretty!

Here you can see the strips very well!

Here you can see the strips very well!

This makes top number 13 that I’ve in 2019 from my 2” strips and squares. Wow. I had no idea I had done that many already. i have two others “in the works”. My 2” strips were back up to two full 120 liter trash bags so I really NEED to make some quilts - need to get them to a more manageable amount.

IMG_3797 sm name web.jpg

While it hardly feels like a person needs a pattern for it, the pattern is on the free patterns page.

Hope it helps! It really is one of those you can make when you aren’t feeling very adventurous or just want some really simple sewing and still want to use up those strips/squares!

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