Your Creative Box!

Let me tell you a secret.


“If you use a piece of poly/cotton in your quilt, it won’t be ruined.”

Yes. There I said it! It’s true. You CAN use polyester or poly/cotton in your quilt and nothing bad will happen to you!

Here’s another one-


“If you use polyester thread, you’ll be okay.”

Your clothes are probably sewn with poly thread. Have you had issues with them falling apart after ironing? I think not.

If you think you have to use cotton thread for piecing - that is fine -but don’t be afraid to TRY poly if that is what you want. Don’t give up on anything creative until you try it first just because someone told you not to.

On Facebook I’ve seen newbie quilters ask such questions. Many times they seem quite intense about it and very concerned that they “get it right”.

I think because I came into quilting after already knowing how to sew, I looked at it different. It was an extension of my skills - not a totally new one.

For every person out there telling you that you HAVE to do something, there is likely someone who isn’t - and succeeding.

I think the most predominant example I’ve seen/heard of is the whole thing with “setting your seams” - that is - pressing the seam flat first to sort of warm up the threads and fabric - and then to the side.

I’ve seen it proposed by some teachers as if it is the gospel—you MUST do it if you want your quilts to look professional. Then you see Donna Jordan “finger pressing” her seams- and her finished work looks fantastic or Leah Day pressing hers open. Both make beautiful quilts!

I’m not advocating for sloppy sewing or haphazard projects. I am for trying things out on your own without being bound to what a quilting authority says you need to do.

box creativity.jpg

Remember - all those rules are creating a box for your creative self.

Make your box BIG and you’ll have plenty of artistic freedom. Feel free to try different techniques, fabrics - including FIBERS— styles and techniques. You will grow as a creative person.

If you make your box quite small - well, you can still grow as a creative person, but with all the limits you put on yourself (can’t buy that fabric, or that thread, or make that style of quilt, or do that technique) you make it a lot harder!


Let’s be creative and don’t be afraid of the quilt police!

Have a great day wherever you are reading this! (If you happen to have a quilting buddy that considers herself part of the unofficial quilt police, well, just tell her that your box is bigger than hers!)


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