Top #75 black and white top low volume pieces from 2" strips

I had these 9 patch low volume blocks done already when I worked on the top this summer.

I came to the computer determined to do something “different” with them.

IMG_3973 sm name web.jpg

This is what I did.

IMG_3974 sm name web.jpg

For whatever reason in my 2 strips I have a lot of these colors - white or almost white backgrounds with sparsely placed designs on them.

So this is what I decided to do. It’s all based on two blocks and a sashing block plus an hourglass cornerstone block.

IMG_3946 sm name web.jpg

Because there is so much light in the top, you don’t get the wow effect in a photo as much as in real life.

(At least not with MY photos!)

The hourglass cornerstones make my eyes kind of go buggy when I look at it from this direction!

IMG_3950 sm name web.jpg
IMG_3977 sm name web.jpg
IMG_3980 sm name web.jpg

Some of you are familiar with my other primarily low volume quilts - they are here!

IMG_6340 namesm.jpg

Made Ya Look

My first quilt using primarily “low volume” fabrics

Here’s a close up of the fabrics used:

IMG_6485sm name web.jpg
IMG_5744 sm name.jpg


My second quilt using primarily low volume prints

Here’s a close up of the fabrics used:

IMG_5762 sm name web  cr.jpg

This is my third one using primarily low volume blocks.

IMG_3946 sm name web.jpg

No name yet

Still thinking about a name for this one!

Here’s a close up - it will all be better once I get it quilted!

IMG_3962 sm name web.jpg

I have some more 12.5” squares already made up just waiting for an inspiration for what to do with them

So far no pattern yet, but will get to it - i’ts on my list of things to do!

It’s in the back of my mind……working, working, working….

You have a great day wherever you are reading this!

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