Cultural: One "weird" thing/one good thing

Recently my husband I went shopping for a pair of shoes for him. We went to a mall in Warsaw called Blue City.

While there I needed to go to the bathroom so I left him in the shoe store while I made my way over there.

I thought I had opened the wrong door when I saw this:


I shut the door quickly, thinking I had started to go into the wrong one. (Yes, I’ve gone into the wrong bathroom before- not paying attention!)

I checked - nope. Sure enough there was a little picture with a lady with a skirt right by the handle on the door.

But then I opened it again, and I saw the men with cameras on the wall again. It was still there! (naturally - it hadn’t disappeared!)


I decided to wait around until a lady came to go to the bathroom. It wasn’t long. I asked her - “This is the ladies’ room, right?” I then showed her the wall, opening the door slowly - and she kind of grimaced, but assured me this was the right one.

So we went in. Courage in numbers!

I don’t know about you but it is VERY creepy to walk into a ladies’ bathroom and have life-size photos of men holding cameras pointing towards you. I suppose someone thought it was cute. I thought it was voyeuristic.

Then, after I opened the first door which is where the sinks were, this is what I saw when I opened the door to the toilet area.

SUPER creepy!


Now I’ve got to assume that they thought that it is flattering and that every woman alive wants to be photographed by strange men.


Not funny.

If they had had these men taking photos on the walls OUTSIDE the bathroom maybe along the corridor on the way to the bathroom - then maybe that would be cute. Inside the bathroom. Not.

Maybe it’s a cultural thing. Maybe I’ve heard of too many bad things happening in the states.

Someone told me it’s not Polish cultural. Maybe it’s a European thing.


Let me know if you’ve ever seen this kind of thing in a mall bathroom in the US. Please? I’ve not actually been in many malls in the US since we came to Poland in 1994 - maybe a designer over there thinks it is cool as well.

On the lighter side - I was in the post office mailing some winning prizes to several of you the other day and I noticed this sign.

sign for skipping the line.jpg

This means that you are supposed to let handicapped people, pregnant women and women with small children go to the front of the line without waiting!

I think it is nice. I experienced this a couple of times since I was pregnant here in Poland - it was wonderful as a pregnant woman to be able to go to the front of the line! Also, if you are holding a baby - it’s great to be able to go right in and take care of your business and get in and out quickly We all know how fast babies can turn into sirens - getting moms in and out of places like the post office in a timely manner helps everyone!

I wish they did it in the US as well.

These two little things aren’t part of quilting in Poland - just part of life here!

And that’s all for today! Have a great day!

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