The humorous/interesting things from our trip

Seen at our hotel:

“Nail Fail”

KG Nail Fail.jpg

KG toilet sign.jpg

Sign at the airport in the ladies’ bathroom above the toilet.


But they are so considerate at the airport to let you have a shower for your feet! I didn’t actually see go in or out of it, but it’s there! I’ve never seen that before.

KGR wash feet 2.jpg
KGR wash feet.jpg

Admittedly I was a bit worried about the “bathroom situation”. When I was younger I didn’t mind even wilderness camping - can’t say I LIKED it, but I tolerated it. But as I grow older I have less desire to use the bushes, etc. My sis encouraged me to take pictures of the various outhouses or toilets that I encountered that were a bit different.

The hardest thing about the “bathroom situation” “everywhere, though, is that you aren’t supposed to throw the tp in the toilet - you are supposed to use the trash can. I didn’t take a picture. I’ll let you use your imagination on that one. Not a single trash can had a lid on it, either - except maybe one of the ones at the airport.

Umm…I hate to even mention these things, but this whole “bathroom situation” was the biggest thing I was worried about with this trip!

I guess I’ve gotten to be a first class wimp! It’s all very normal to everyone who lives there.

In the airport in Istanbul, Turkey near our gate.:

KYR toilet rest 1.jpg

In a restaurant in Bishkek:

KRY toilet home.jpg

At a private home:


There were various OTHER things as well. Here are some pictures. If you want to go faster than the 5 seconds the pictures are set for, just click the arrows.

There you go - some of the funny/interesting things I saw!

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