Buying fabric in Poland - what it looks like!

When I buy fabric here in Poland I usually buy it in bulk. I buy it directly from the manufacturer - as that gives me by far the best price.

I have needed black since March - but put off buying it as I knew were going to the states in late April.

But I need it - so I finally ended up ordering some from a company called Kejt located about 2 hours from here. I decided to go ahead and get some “plum” while I was at it.

All I had to do was go to their website and find the colors I wanted from it and then write them an email. I told them I would pay for it upon delivery and they mailed it to me on Monday. I had it on Tuesday. I think mailing cost me about $5 for the 160 meters.

Imagine my surprise when I looked out the window and saw the delivery guy with this thing hoisted up on his shoulder as he walked to our door! Usually delivery trucks drive a little closer up and don’t have to hike what must seem like a half mile (it’s not) when it is this heavy!


I ran for my money and opened the door and paid the guy.

(I had ordered it COD as it cut off a day or two from the delivery while they wait for the payment to clear.)

He left it at the bottom of the steps. I attempted to lift it up and bring it in the house. OOMPH. Not working. Too heavy.

I debated asking my husband to help me, but I decided to try one more thing first and that was to kind of walk it up the steps and into the entry way area.

I’m not sure why I was feeling so weak at the moment!


Then I just left it there just inside the door of the entryway Later in the day my husband told me that he brought it into the house for me - of which I am most grateful. It is actually difficult to horse around such a big amount of fabric!

I put a typical cereal bowl beside it - such as Corelle - so you could see how big the package was.

I put a typical cereal bowl beside it - such as Corelle - so you could see how big the package was.


This is how the fabric was packed. It is not on a bolt though I think there is a piece of cardboard in the middle. I decided to get purple along with black because I know that they can ship two of these bolts for the cost of about $5 - so in order to get the best “bang for the buck”, I try to order in increments of two. I have to pay the $5 for 2 - but $5 if I just buy one.

They had sent me a sample of the purple earlier in the year. I kind of fell in love with the shade that they sent me - they call it plum. I have a so-called purple - but am almost out - from a different Polish manufacturer - but it has a lot more white in it - and I really wanted this more saturated color.


It’s all packaged nicely in a heavy plastic.


The color is darker than this looks.


Purple is somewhat hard to photograph - but this picture below is a pretty accurate portrayal of the color -

I wanted to show you that when I opened it, this is what I saw - a kind of streak. :( I don’t believe it is deep, though - just a surface thing. Maybe it will wash out.


The package was heavy so I wanted to check how much it weighed. About a year ago I bought a scale that they use for fruits and veggies and other things at the open market- so I put it on that before opening the package. The scale works great for our luggage as I try to be very close to the allotted 50 lbs when we fly.


This is in kilograms…so this means that it weighs 62.94 lbs. I guess that is why I had hard time lifting it.


The total amount of fabric is 100 meters of black and 60 meters of the plum.

And now you see how I buy the solids that I buy locally.

I believe that the shipping is especially cost effective - and not a big deal!

But because I do have to buy so much at once, I have to think about it before I buy - no impulse shopping for me!

The good thing is…I have a lot of black now!

I’ll be okay for a couple of years anyway with that much black!


The next two colors I need are gray and dark brown. - I am OUT of the brown I need for working with the Big Fabric Haul tops. I’ll need the dark gray when I go to work with the blacks from the Big Fabric Haul!

And now you know!

Be sure to check out what my sis has for you in the store!

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