When the "Magic" happens

Am I the only one?

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I love making quilts. There is something so completely satisfying in it that it is impossible to describe to a nonquilter.

I was working on quilting the other day- the first one for the fall - when I had that feeling —not of excitement to be able to quilt - but of making the quilt itself! I was so happy to put those layers together and start to quilt.

It isn’t actually the quilting that I love—it is having a finished quilt that is so satisfying for me.

Well, actually there are two points at which I feel the greatest personal satisfaction.

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The first is when I put the blocks in position and the pattern forms - especially if it is something that forms a chain or a special effect once two or more blocks are put together.

The second is when I am quilting it and the “combination of three layers” begins to feel like a quilt!

I can’t truthfully say that the QUILTING is what I love because I really don’t. To me, that is a necessary part of the process - in order to get to that finished product. I used to be happy just making the tops as piecing is what I enjoy THE MOST. But, as I’ve done more and more and finished more and more quilts, I’ve come to love the idea and feel of the quilt itself.

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Maybe some day I will actually fall in love with the process of sewing the layers together. For now, while I’m enjoying it more than I used to - I’m not there yet.

Forgive me, please, all you long armers who make your living by doing it! But it’s good that we are all different, right? The world would be a boring place if we all loved the same thing.

But I do get excited when the “thing” begins to feel like a quilt in my hands. I am not sure why - but it happens. The “magic” - the transformation of a top, batting and backing into a useful and pretty article of comfort!

That makes me happy! Maybe I’m just weird.

What about you?

Is there “magic” that happens as you work on a quilt? (Not real magic, of course!)

If so, where do you feel the greatest sense of excitement or satisfaction?

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