Mail call!

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My friend Fran sent another box which we got on Monday (yesterday) - here’s what was in it!

(Fran is my friend in Arizona who keeps extra busy during her golden years sewing charity tops for us!)

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It’s been a while since I got one from Fran, so I was happy to see it! She needed to focus on her own grandchildren for a while this year - which works well for me as well! I think I’ve told her I don’t actually do much quilting in the summer - so she needn’t think that I am all caught up - I am not.

She sent me 9 BIG tops and 5 small ones.

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I really must get busy with all these charity quilt tops. I keep thinking our weather is getting cooler and then we have a warming up period!!!

Today it’s supposed to get to 77F - and in theory, that’s supposed to be something like the last hurrah for summer! After that, 74F is about the highest it is supposed to be. However, that is what I thought last week.

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Once I start quilting, I do go at it pretty intensely, and I’m okay with that. The charity quilts are pretty small - especially compared to the large regular quilts I tend to do.

It helps me have the variety I love - and I know that the recipients also love the variety! And the color!

The 5 small tops

The 5 small tops

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What I do with these smaller tops is add borders until they are larger and the size I need: I have found that a quilt large enough to cover the child while in bed is much preferred over a lap quilt.


And that’s all for today. I trust you have a great day wherever you are reading this!

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