"Rails in Focus" - top #82 from 2" strips and squares


As I was contemplating the enormous number of 2” strips I have that I need (want) to use up - I realized that I need to make a few more tops that are heavy in scraps and quick - at least if I really want to use up those strips - at least work them down to only 2 bags instead of the insane amount I have.

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So I decided that a rail fence quilt top was in order. I can’t think of a single design that is faster than a rail fence when it comes to using up fabric besides plain blocks.

On the Electric Quilt program when I type in rail block I have many choices.

I wanted a relatively large block - wanted to use up a lot of those strips. I decided on an 8” length which mean that it would be a 5x block. Through a series of just using the program, I decided on this simple layout - and these colors. Actually these colors are the ones that are on the block that comes with EQ. :) I liked it.

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Of course, mine isn’t quite as effective as if I had used all the same fabrics. But I did the best I could.

I searched among my strips for yellows, pinks, purples and corals/oranges. I looked for lights all the way to a highly saturated color. Each block is supposed to be graduated in saturation.

Then I cut. I needed 72 blocks for this quilt, so I made sure I had 72 very light strips and tried for 72 very dark pieces. Then the ones in between were a bit more difficult. But like I said, I did the best I could.

I debated using white as the background. Then I thought about orange - or hot pink…but because I used them in the strips, I figured some of the strips wouldn’t show up well if I did. So, I did not - I just went with black, figuring it would have the biggest “pop”.

And that’s it. I made the sashings cut 3.5” wide by 8” long and then long pieces which I put between the rows. I did not use cornerstones.

IMG_5459 sm name web.jpg

At this point there is no pattern - I’m really busy trying to get some things sewn together - so at least this very simple rail fence has no pattern right now!

But in summary -

  • The rails are cut 2”x8” - - each block uses 5 that are shaded from light to dark,

  • The sashings are cut 3.5”x8” for between the blocks and

  • The sashings between the rows, are cut 3.5”x WOF and pieced til I got the length I needed.

I did add this top to the 2” strips project page.

And now you know! Have a great day wherever you reading this.

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