#73 top finished with 2" strips and squares

Here’s another somewhat recent finish that I’ve not shared yet.

So far no name -

20190811_162742 sm cr name web.jpg

While this one does not use only 2” strips and squares, I did start with them. I have the center 6” squares - 16 patches—and the center 4 patches are scrappy as well.

Unfortunately, like the others, I do not have the pattern written, but will work on it as soon as I can.

20190811_135337 (1) sm name web.jpg

I worked at using fabrics that would work well with off white/tan. As I was deciding on colors, I tried to think, “Earth tones - fall”.

20190811_135342 sm name web cr.jpg

If you are looking at this up close, you can see that there are actually three blocks in this one:

First, a half square triangle block, then a 4 patch that is surrounded by a taupe-y type fabric, then a simple 16 patch using 2” squares.

Then I used a small sashing - 1.5” cut and some cornerstones in every other corner. The other cornerstones were the same off white as I used in the sashing.

So now you know! Some more of what I’ve been up to!

I have added this top to the page of 2” strips and squares project where I’ve been keeping track of this whole series from quilt number 1. You might find it interesting to see the variety of quilts on this page - all starting with 2” strips and squares!

And to think it all started with a couple of bags of 2” strips back in the summer of 2015!

Have a great day wherever you are!

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