"Big Zigzag"

I finished this a little while ago! I like it even though it's on the small size for what I normally do--it's only about 57"x68".

IMG_3283 sm name.jpg

Here's a bit of a close up - I quilted this simply by straight line stitching with my walking foot in the purple zigzags, straight line echo type quilting on the pink sashing and basic meandering on the floral since you can't see it anyway.

IMG_3298 sm name.jpg

I've updated the pattern and it's on the free patterns page. 

IMG_3289 sm name.jpg

The purple is a purple batik print I bought in Kenya several years ago when I went with my husband when he went to teach in a  Bible school in Nairobi. We found a shop that sold batiks for about $7 or 8/yard so I bought this purple and a blue one.

IMG_4130 sm name.jpg

The biggest problem is that these tend to bleed a bit - so I did wash it two times first. It has since been washed once since I quilted it with no ill effects. No sign of purple mixing with the hot pink.

But because of the tendency of batiks to "bleed" even if you have washed them - I didn't put any white in with it. just to make sure sometime in the future there isn't a problem.

IMG_4124 sm name.jpg
IMG_4114 sm name.jpg

I'm going to make another one similar to this - but with three zigzags. My sis says that it needs three, just like flowers in an arrangement - odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye.

I told her if I had made three, they wouldn't be so big! and for this lap quilt, I wanted BIG!

But I've figured out one with 3 zigzags instead of only two and I'll get that one made up soon. Then we'll let the readers tell us which they think is better!

And one last one with green grass in the background. My husband had recently mowed!

IMG_3337 smname.jpg

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